October 8, 2016 7:30 pm

Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts

1028 Georgia Road, Franklin, NC 28734


October 8   7:30 PM

Integrating worship with real life – that is one of the simple truths Sidewalk Prophets has learned to live by. The hope is that their music will help others see the beauty of God all around them: “It’s that whisper from God saying, Hey, this is what I’ve created for you. This isn’t me, but this is a glimpse of what I made with you in mind.'” The intimacy and nearness of God is written into every song they perform. As different as they sound, some soft and melodic, others more rock-n-roll in flavor, Sidewalk Prophets doesn’t waste a verse or a chorus. Each line is a chance to present the Gospel and let their fans know they are all part of the family. “It’s one thing to say, Oh, we really care about our fans. It’s another thing to say, ‘We want to have this relationship with you, we’re going to open the doors for you to come into our family room- you’re a part of this” all the while hoping to provide a type of sanctuary for listeners, who may also find themselves in the middle of an uncertain time. These are songs they can cling to in the midst of those troubles, but also can sing in the moments of joy and celebration. Sidewalk Prophets hopes to bring songs of worship that will bring assurance in the chaos and peace in the storm, encouragement to keep going, and remind them that the something different inside of all of us is a constant and loving Savior.


Ticket Prices: $18, $22