Join us on Friday August 10th and Saturday Aug 11th 2018 as we celebrate our 10th Annual Mountain High BBQ Festival & Car Show here in Franklin, NC at the Wayne Proffitt Agricultural Center and Macon County Fairgrounds. This year will be our biggest entertainment schedule EVER! The featured performers of the two day event will be Friday August 10th at 7 PM when Summer Brooke & Mountain Faith will be performing on stage at the Mountain High BBQ Festival. The two hour show is included in your paid admission of $5 to the festival.

The 10th Annual Mountain High BBQ Festival & Car Show – Friday August 10th & Saturday August 11th, 2018

Saturday is stacking up to be the biggest Saturday in our history! This year we’ve not only added live entertainment with the True Outlaws Tribute – Waylon & Willie, but we’ve added an entire days worth of events for kids. Two performers, Professor Wizpop and The InterACTive Theater of Jef will entertain the kids with stage shows AND roaming magic and interaction with all in attendance. There will also be Kindness Rock Painting with Franklin NC Rocks Group as well as characters from Nickelodeon that the kids can interact with. But here’s a down to business schedule for the two day event here:

Schedule of Events for Friday & Saturday at the 10th Annual Mountain High BBQ Festival & Car Show Below

Summer Brooke & Mountain Faith perform live on stage at 7pm – Friday August 11th

Friday August 10th Schedule

11:00 am                 Gates, Craft & Food Vendors Open

4:00 pm                  Cooking Demonstration on stage

5:00 pm                  Cooking Demonstration on stage

 5:00 – 8:00 pm      Car Show Begins

 5:00 pm                  Cooking Demonstration on stage

7:00 – 9:00 pm      Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith Band in Concert

The Car Show starts at 10 AM on Saturday Morning

Saturday August 11 Schedule

10 am                      Gates, Craft & Food Vendors Open
10 am                      Car Show Begins
10:15 am                 Professor Whizzpop on Stage
11 am                        Jef the Mime Juggling Workshop
11 am                       Cooking Demonstration at Traeger Tent
11:30 – 1:30 pm     True Outlaws – A Willie & Waylon Tribute Band
11:30 – 1:30 pm     Rock Painting Area for kids
1:30 pm                   Professor Whizzpop
1:30 pm                   Cooking Demonstration at Treager Tent
2:15 pm                   Jeff the Mime on Stage
2:30 pm                  Cooking Demonstration at Traeger Tent
3:00 pm                  Tasting Tent in Judges Area
3:00 pm                  Car Show Awards
5:00 pm                  KCBS Award Ceremony

For a complete schedule and other information about the 10th Annual Mountain High BBQ Festival & Car Show – visit our website at