Franklin, NC - Burger Grill Off

The grill sizzles as you place the patty on it gently, taking care that the temperature is just right, the juices begin to flow out the sides and drip slowly down into the open flame. The smell of the searing burgers fills the air and you begin to hear orders from the family, friends and guests that fill your backyard. They’re all saying the same thing, “you make the best hamburgers in Franklin, hands down”. So you think you can grill? Well, here’s your chance to prove to everyone that you DO have the Best Burgers in Town!

This year, at the 7th Annual Mountain High BBQ Festival & Car Show, we’re adding a new competition to the two day event, held at the Wayne Proffitt Agricultural Center, Friday Aug 7th and Saturday, Aug 8th. It’s the First Annual Best Burgers in Town Grill Off!


The “Best Burger in Town Grill Off” is a new event at the Mountain High BBQ Festival and is a way for spectators to join in the fun.  Registration is now open for a limited number of folks to register.  Participants will have 30 minutes to prepare their favorite burger on our gas grills with your own ingredients.  Four competitors will cook at one time and be “blind” judged by our celebrity judges.  The winner of each heat will compete in the final grill-off on Saturday at 4 pm.  Heats will be held Friday and Saturday.

The grand champion will be named “Best Burger in Town” and awarded $250 and a trophy.

For more details and registration information, contact the Franklin Chamber at 828-524-3161. Or you can visit the Mountain High BBQ Festival & Car Show website here: Mountain High BBQ Festival & Car Show.

This event is sponsored by Walmart and Motor Company Grill.