Franklin, NC - fall colors

As the leaves have started to change, many folks outside of Franklin and western North Carolina begin thinking about making their annual journey to the mountains in search of the magical colors of fall. This year is no different, as there are record numbers of travelers entering the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina and east Tennessee.

Each year, the folks at put out the annual leave predictions with an easy to use date timeline slider, that gives an educated estimate as to when the peak colors of fall will occur all over the United States. As is with every forecast, it is only as good as mother nature allows, and it can vary depending on many factors, including precipitation, temperatures, and passing cold fronts that carry with them high winds that can pull the leaves off of trees in a matter of hours.

The forecast for our area of the mountains is calling for a peak leaf season to occur around mid-October, but again, with a drier than normal summer could cause there to be a more rapid change or the leaves falling prematurely. Here in Franklin, we are already starting to see some of the early turning trees begin to get colorful, though it’s still mostly green we’re seeing a few patches of red, orange and bright yellow.

For more information about the fall color predictions, check out the folks here at Smoky Mountain: Fall Foliage Map 2015 and for more information about when and where to stay when you’re here in Franklin, please visit the Franklin, NC Chamber of Commerce website here: Franklin, NC Chamber of Commerce.