Winter’s white blanket, the season’s first snowfall, has come to Franklin and the monster winter storm Jonas, left it’s mark on Macon County. For the first few weeks of winter, our temperatures and weather was more spring-like, with record and near record highs up through Christmas and the last week of December. Then, just as quickly, things took a turn to the extra chilly and we were in the throws of temps in the teens. With all that cold air, it was time to get a little taste of the beauty that winter brings.


From southern Macon county and throughout the greater Franklin area, we’ve seen snowfall totals from as little as an inch or two, up to a foot in some locations, and everything in between. Power outages began early Friday morning, as rain that turned to freezing rain, then to snow, weighed on trees and branches that were already weakened from the record rainfall over the last month. The crews from Duke Energy and tree removal teams sprang into action and began working hard to get as much of the debris removed and power restored as quickly as possible.


Of course, the snow brings more than just slick roads and power outages. It adds another layer of magic to the already amazing scenes that we’re so lucky to have so close to home here in Franklin. Waterfalls and back roads that are usually a little less vibrant this time of year, get a temporary coat of white and a new shine on them that doesn’t happen very often, but also doesn’t stick around for very long as well.


So whether you enjoy the cold and winter coating or if you’d prefer a bit of warmth and maybe a dusting once a year, we hope you were safe and dry and that you’ve come through the first act of the winter of 2016.

We hope you’ll come and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of winter with us here in Franklin, NC! For more information about all the places to go, wonderful accommodations, restaurants and more, please take a look around our newly renovated website. We’d love to hear from you, and we’d love even more to meet you! Come by the Franklin Chamber of Commerce during operating hours and we’ll be happy to give you the information you’re looking for. Have a wonderful week!