The Nonah Bridge along the Little Tennessee River Greenway

Today is National Walking Day – a day to get out and enjoy a nice 30 minute walk. As part of American Heart Association’s efforts to promote healthy living, National Walking Day was started in 2007. Fortunately for us, we have a wide variety of places you can get out and take that walk. The Little Tennessee River Greenway runs right through downtown Franklin and is accessible at many locations along the river. The 5 mile, mostly paved, trail offers scenic views along the river, with many picturesque locations, picnic areas, and benches to stop and relax to the sounds of the river passing by. It’s a way to get into nature without having to take a long drive.


For more information about the Little Tennessee River Greenway, follow the link here: Walk along the Little Tennessee River

Enjoy a walk along our many area trails

Of course, if you’re looking to challenge yourself a little more than a walk along the Greenway, you can easily find yourself on one of the many miles of trails we have here in the Franklin area. The Appalachian Trail, The Bartram Trail, Wesser Bald, Wayah Bald, and Siler Bald are only but a few of the more popular places to get out and enjoy a walk. The opportunities are there for all levels of experienced hiking and our list of trails will keep you going back for more. For our complete list of area hikes, follow the link above and toggle the trails for information and directions.