This Sunday, Mother’s Day, is a day to celebrate our Mothers. A day that is set aside to say thank you, and honor the woman in our lives who, whether it was by birth or just by relationship, was the constant force of good in our lives. To the one who wiped away the tears, who helped bandage the wounds, the one who hung our stick figure drawing on the refrigerator as though Picasso himself had painted it. To the one you could call in the middle of the night, who was there to help you learn to walk, then helped you learn to drive a car. Thank you Mom, for the example you set for us as a child, for being there for the break ups, part-time jobs, and graduation. For standing beside us, as we became moms (and dads). Thank you Mom for the encouraging words, for loving us unconditionally, for being the foundation that we built our families on. To that, and so much more, we say, Thank you Mom!

We are so truly thankful for all of our mothers in the world, we appreciate all that you have done for us as children, all you have meant to us as adults, and we hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!