A troll own Main Street Merchants offering many unique gift ideas

There are certain groups of people when it comes to holidays, you have your “I’ve been ready for months” crowd. They are out keeping vigilant at all times for those perfect gifts for the perfect person. They are born with a talent unlike others, to be able to look at a loved one and know exactly what they want, how to get it, and when to give it to them. They make the people in the other group sad, angry, and left in the dust when it comes to giving those perfect gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day.

So many different types of stores for folks of all ages and interests!

So, for all of us who may have been waiting for a little inspiration, a light bulb to pop on above our creative mind, the time draws near for you to make the choice. Now don’t worry about WHERE it is that you’ll be able to find this perfect gift, believe me, one stroll down Main Street and you’ll have so many ideas, that now your problem will be in picking just the right gift for your Valentine! If in your search of the stores on Main Street, you don’t find the right gift for your loved one, then we have a solution for you. Click over to our shopping page here: https://www.franklin-chamber.com/shopping/ and you can search our member database to see if there’s a store or a market in our membership that could help locate that perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

The shopping opportunities in the downtown area of Franklin has been growing in number and in quality of the locally sourced products they offer in a wide variety of items. So take a walk down Main Street this weekend, open a door of our local merchants, and say hello to a friend. You’re more than a customer in our little mountain town!