Franklin, NC - Veterans Memorial Park

There is little doubt that one of the most highly respected holidays each year is Veteran’s Day. Each year we take the 11th of November to pay our respects to the men and women who so bravely served our great nation in times of war, in times of conflict, and in times of peace.  So each year, as the weather turns to the chillier air that signals that Winter is just around the corner. Each year, the parade instills pride in this great nation, but it’s not the only time to step up and help a veteran. So whether it’s local or whether it’s afar, people will come out by the hundreds to help the fallen.

Show your support this year in downtown Franklin at 11am on Main Street. The parade begins at 11am. For more information please call (828-524-2516) Thank you! For other great events going on RIGHT NOW in Franklin, go check out our website at and remember to thank a veteran the next time you see one, make someone feel better and make their day!