Spring has arrived in the mountains of Western North Carolina

Another winter has come and gone in the mountains. Trees have been a little ahead of schedule with their blossoms, due to the warmer than normal February, and now some of those trees are starting to show their green. Daffodils can be seen dotting roadsides and front yard flower beds, dancing in the afternoon breezes that remind us that the March winds still rule the air. This is also the time of year when our sidewalks and trails begin to come alive with the sounds of hiking boots and trekking poles hitting the ground, as the north bound Appalachian Trail hikers make their way into town, then back out on the trail. We are an Appalachian Trail Community, welcoming in those weary souls from their first 100 miles of the nearly 2200 mile journey.

Another familiar sound this time of year is the rushing water that flumes through the troughs of our many local gem mines. Visitors pour into Franklin every year to enjoy the “thrill of the hunt”, hearkening back to the days when Franklin was home to many “rock hounds”, seeking the riches of gems and minerals that are still sought after to this day. What else would you expect from the “Gem Capital of the World”? The days are lasting a little while longer now, the thermometer is busy trying to keep old man winter at bay, while we try to decide which of our long sleeve shirts and sweaters we keep on hold for the inevitable blackberry winter. We start to open the windows in the afternoon, letting that fresh mountain air sweep in to refresh our senses. We spend more time out and about, taking a walk on the Little Tennessee River Greenway, or strolling down Main Street to see what’s new in our favorite shops and stores.

We visit our favorite waterfalls and we explore new places, getting together with friends and family in old familiar places. Spring is a time of new beginnings, a time to reboot your soul and start to stretch out those walking shoes. To plan some adventure and to spend a little more time away from the glow of a TV screen. Get out and live the adventure, take a drive or a walk, you don’t have to go far. It’s all here at your doorstep, in Franklin, NC!