The 360 degree view from Wesser Bald Tower is captivating.

If you’re looking for a nice morning or afternoon hike, you can’t beat the Wesser Bald Tower hike in the western part of Franklin and Macon County. The hike is a three mile round trip hike that begins at the Tellico Gap crossing of the Appalachian Trail. The hike follows the World Famous trail up the mile and a half trail gaining nearly 800 feet in elevation. Along the trail, you’ll be able to see how this part of the Nantahala National Forest was impacted by the Tellico Wildfire of 2016, as well as the recovery of the native trees, plants, wild flowers and wildlife.

A Pipevine Swallowtail on a Turk’s Cap Lily alongside the trail to Wesser Bald

The hike to Wesser Bald Tower is a perfect mid day hike to pack a picnic and enjoy lunch up on the tower’s wide open flat wooden deck or down below in the comfortable shade of the forest canopy. From the tower you can see out into the Great Smoky Mountains, Fontana Lake is also in view, as well as the Nantahala Mountains.

Wesser Bald Tower

Though Wesser is technically no longer a bald due to the growth of the trees and other vegetation at the top, the climb up to the top of the tower will not let you down. The metal frame tower and wooden platform are extremely sturdy and though the tower was initially reported as destroyed back in 2016, none of the tower’s metal or wood were in need of any repairs.

The eastern tip of Fontana Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains to the west.

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