Franklin, NC - Wesser Bald Tower 4

If you’ve never explored  Wesser Bald Tower on the outskirts of Franklin and Macon County, you’re in for a true majestic treat. Wesser Bald is located about 20 miles outside of Franklin, as you head out Hwy 28 towards Bryson City, you’ll make a left onto Tellico Road. A few miles of paved road end and you travel another 9 miles on narrow, unpaved road that winds up to the top of Tellico Gap.

This road is at times very narrow and you must pay close attention at all times while navigating the switchbacks and sharp corners, as an oncoming vehicle can ruin your day. Wesser Bald is on the Appalachian Trail, and the the tower is one of only a few full 360 degree view vantage points in the area. The original fire tower was destroyed by fire, but the Forestry Service and Nantahala Hiking club joined forces to build the observation deck on the remaining metal structure.

Once you’ve reached the parking area, you’ll head up the hill to the right and follow the gradual climbing path up the summit, where you’re rewarded with this tower’s observation deck to look out over the Smoky Mountains, the Nantahala Ridge, the Cowee Mountains, the Balsam Mountains and the Tellico and Little Tennessee River Valleys.

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