Most of us love to see the snow come down and adorn the mountains and waterfalls with a nice coating of snow. We respect the ice, and we definitely don’t want to be out on the roads when there’s unsafe conditions. One of the ways to get out and enjoy the wintry weather is to take a hike, and another is to visit some nearby waterfalls.

Winter turns waterfalls into giant ice sculptures. Here, Cullasaja Falls is getting iced over with the extreme cold 

With the threat of snowfall coming into the weekend, along with some polar temperatures, some less serious hikers may choose to stay home. But for those extreme hikers who brave even the most difficult of weather and all that Mother Nature throws at their way, winter hikes are both exhilarating and very rewarding. The key to winter hiking is to be prepared. Wear layers of clothing that won’t be difficult to add or remove if the weather permits. Keep your feet as dry as possible. Good moisture wicking socks to help keep the sweaty feet as dry as possible will pay dividends down the trail. Make sure to bring plenty of water and/or nutrient replenishing snacks and drinks. Even if you feel you’ve not gone far, your body does still burn high amounts of calories and energy. Make sure to take short breaks, not getting to cooled down, as to keep your muscles from having to work harder to loosen back up.

Enjoy yourself! And definitely speak with a local outfitter like Three Eagles, to make sure you have the right gear for the hike you’re planning. It will make all the difference in the world. Have a safe and adventurous weekend!