A fresh coating of snow falls over downtown Franklin

For a few days over the last week, the beauty of winter blew through Western North Carolina and left its mark on the area. Less than a week ago, old man Winter stormed into town over night, leaving behind more than 6 inches of snow, bitter cold temperatures, and some lovely sights in and around Franklin. The bulk of the snow storm came overnight Friday into Saturday morning, coating the mountains and roads with fresh snow and giving both the young, and young at heart, a winter wonderland to get outside and play in.

Traffic down Main Street was relatively quiet

Some folks ventured out into the snow that evening, unable to resist the beauty that comes with the snow’s arrival. In all, with the cold temperatures over the weekend, the schools had an extension of their holiday break into the first part of the week, giving kids a little more time to enjoy time off from class.

Picturesque scenes like this along the Cullasaja River lasted into Tuesday

The bitter cold also brought about sights along the rivers and waterfalls that are as beautiful as they are treacherous. Especially at Dry Falls, where large icicles formed and the walkway underneath the falls (closed for the season) turned into a sheet of ice inches thick.

Dry Falls looked like something out of the Ice Age into Tuesday

But, as is the pattern of weather here in western North Carolina, just two days later, the temperatures climbed into the mid 60’s and there are very few remnants of the past week’s winter scene. Except for a few patches of small snow in some shaded areas, it is as if it never happened. As the saying goes, “if you don’t like the weather… wait a few minutes, it’ll change”.